[Pancreaticoduodenectomy in elderly patients--a safe operation?].

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    Apr-Jun cancer pancreatic head 2 Popa" Iaşi.

    Buţureanu" Iaşi. From the first pancreaticoduodenectomy PD performed by Kausch inthe value of the resection in the treatment of pancreatic head cancer was disputed.

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    Aim: To assess the PD with or without pylorus preservation as surgical treatment for pancreatic cancer. Methods: Retrospective review of the clinical records of patients undergoing PD for pancreatic cancer.

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    From these, 54 cases were histologic diagnosed with pancreatic cancer; 23 cases underwent pylorus preserving pancreatico-duodenectomy PPPD and 31 patients, classical Whipple procedure PDW. Mean age was Jaundice was presented in 51 cases Fever was observe only in 4 cases 7.

    Other biological and imaging parameters e. Mean operating time and mean blood loss in the PDW group were cancer pancreatic head After PPPD, these figures were Postoperative morbidity rate excluding DGE was Pancreatic leak has a rate of 5.

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    Hospital stay was Postoperative mortality rate was 5. Histological exam diagnosed ductal pancreatic adenocarcinoma in 51 cases Mean long-term survival rate was Conclusion: PD should be performed for any pancreatic tumor even without preoperative histologic confirmation.

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    The results after PPPD postoperative morbidity and mortality, long-term survival are similar to that following conventional Whipple procedure, if the principles of viable and tumor free margins are observed.

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